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2004 Credits

Race Directors:  Rob Byrne & Larry England

Founder and Patron Saint:  John Vonhof

Heroes of the East Bay Regional Park District:

  • Mark Ragatz - Special events coordinator
  • Dan Reasor - Park Ranger for Mission Peak, Sunol and Ohlone
  • Al Olivera - Park Ranger for Del Valle

Artistic Director:   Tom Hamel

Generalissimo of Course Marking:  Kirk Boisseree

World Class Course Marking Crew:  Kirk Boisseree, Chris Batteate, Bill Davis, Charles Stevens, Lisa Felder, Gayla Johnson, Joe Swenson, and Mike Palmer.

Pre-Race Preparation:  Chris Byrne, Larry England, Stan Jensen, and Ann Trason.

Radio Communications:   Vince Walton (K6BIR),  Mike Fung (WA6AWI), Dave McBrayer (N6OJJ), Chris Muselman (W6ATV), Bryan Wong, Able Hurtado, David Harnish (AD6ME), Tim Kyle (KC6QLV), Nancy Steven (KG6OCT), Dick Gorringe (WA6STR), and Bob Baez (KF6JJU).


Race Day Staffing

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Course Pre-Sweeps

  • Steve Derenzo
  • Tom Kaisersatt

Depart Mission Peak around 5:30am

Parking & Bus Loading at Del Valle

  • Bjorn Hamel
  • Joe Swenson

Bring a flashlight.  Meet parking lot adjacent to Lichen Bark Picnic Area.

After unloading truck, ferry truck to Sunol Regional Park, then return to Del Valle.

Park gate will open at 5:30am.

5:30am - 6:45am

Start Line

  • Chris Byrne
  • Tom Hamel
  • Peter Hamel

Radio:  Mike Fung  (WA6AWI)

7:00am - 8:15am

Mobile Logistics, in truck w/ Ranger

  • Stan Jensen

Radio:  Dick Gorringe (WA6STR)



  • Bob Baez (KF6JJU)
  • Travis Duryea

Will start in Del Valle at 10:00 and work backwards along the course.

Course Sweeps

  • David Kim
  • Gayla Johnson

7:45am - 6:00pm.  David Kim is arranging transportation back to the start.

Laurel Loop Aid Station

Open 8:30am - Close 10:00am

  • Hollis Lenderking
  • Jeffery Rogers

Radio:  Dave McBrayer (N6OJJ)

Pick up supplies at Start at 7:00am.  Jeffery has large vehicle. Drive in and be on site at 8:00am.

After aid station closes, drop supplies in Ryder truck in Sunol Regional Park.

Sunol Aid Station

Open 8:45am - Close 10:45am

  • Lorri Paulsen
  • Wini Jebian
  • Suki Martin

Radio:  Chris Muselman (W6ATV) & Bryan Wong

Be on site at 8:00am, this is the main hub for all back country aid station transporation.

Supplies to be delivered on Sunday.

Backpack Area Aid Station

Open 9:30am - Close 12:00pm

  • Phil Brown
  • Bob Dompe
  • Glenn Unsicker

Radio:  Able Hurtado

Volunteers hike in at 8:00 from Sunol.

Able (radio) needs a ride in, may walk out.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Goat Rock Aid Station

Open 10:00am - Close 1:00pm

  • Dave Shough
  • Tina Shough

Radio:  Lars Ahntholz (KG6NFF)

Dave and Tina are camping at Mt. Rose on Saturday night and will hike down to aid station in morning.  The truck drives into Maggie’s at 9:00am on Saturday morning, can carry camping supplies if necessary.

Lars will hike into the aid station in the morning from Sunol.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Maggie’s Half Acre Aid Station

Open 10:30am - Close 3:00pm

  • Tom Morse
  • Mike Myers
  • Lisa Felder

Radio:  David Harnish (AD6ME)

Overnight camping on Saturday.  Ride in with Ranger Saturday morning.

Meet in Sunol at 9:00am Saturday for transportation into back country.

Lisa will hike in on Sunday morning, and will run on to the finish after the main crowd passes.

Supplies to be delivered on Saturday.

David (radio) to ride in with ranger Sunday morning.

Schlieper Rock Aid Station

Open 11:15am - Close 5:00pm

  • Bob Agazzi
  • Jim Winne
  • Mark Overhoff

Volunteers begin hiking in from Del Valle beginning at 8:00am.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Stromer Spring Aid Station

Open 11:30am - Close 5:30pm

  • Tomassa Nakamura
  • Chip Dietz

Radio:  Tim Kyle (KC6QLV)

Ride in with ranger at 9:30, be on hand at aid station closing to reload ranger vehicle.  Ride or hike out at your option.

Tim (radio) will ride in and out.

Supplies to be delivered on Sunday.

Ranger will return at 5:30pm to retrieve volunteers and supplies.

Finish Line at Del Valle

Close 6:00pm

  • Chris Byrne
  • John Vonhof
  • Tom Hamel
  • Peter Hamel
  • Bjorn Hamel
  • Hollis Lenderking
  • Bob Lord
  • Marc Gelinas
  • Jeffery Rogers
  • Hollis Lenderking
  • Mike Palmer
  • Paula Heckler
  • Tom Kaisersatt

Radio:  Vince Walton (K6BIR) & Nancy Steven (KG6OCT)

9:00am - 6:00pm

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[Ohlone Home] [Runner Info] [Entry Form] [Course Info] [Directions]

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