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ohlone50k.com 2001-2012

2009 Credits

Race Directors:  Rob Byrne, Larry England, Helmut Roesner

Founder and Patron Saint:  John Vonhof

Heroes of the East Bay Regional Park District:

  • Tiffany Margulici  - Special events coordinator
  • Kelly Barrington and Thayne Beard - Park Rangers for Mission Peak, Sunol and Ohlone
  • Shelly Miller -  Park Ranger for Del Valle

Artistic Director & Culinary Operations Executive:   “Chef” Tom Hamel

Director of Medical Operations: Eric Marxmiller

Generalissimo of Course Marking:  Kirk Boisseree

World Class Course Marking Crew:  Chris Batteate (L), Kirk Boiseree (L), Dennis Connor (L), Brett Corrie (L), Ken Gregorich (L), Mike Grimm (M), Rajeev Patel (M), Philip Stark (S), Joe Swenson (XL), Mattias Vangbo (L)

Pre-Race Preparation:  Jim Bahls, Larry England, Helmut Roesner.

Communications Coordinator:  Dave McBrayer (N6OJJ)

Radio Communications:   Mike Comer (KI6TZF), Carl Costa (W6KGO), Jesse Gonzaga (KD6NNA), Dick Gorringe (WA6STR), Able Hurtado (K6ABL), Tim Kyle (KC6QLV), Jeff Martin (KI6MFG), Dave McBrayer (N6OJJ), Chris Musselman (W6AATV), John Rabold (KS6M).

Race Day Staffing




Pre-Race Prep (Friday, May 29)

  • Jim Bahls
  • Larry England
  • Helmut Roesner

Meet at TBD.

Picking, packing, parsing, shopping, fetching, cleaning, sorting, prepping.

Course Pre-Sweep

  • Chihping Fu (L)
  • Steve Shultis (XL)

Start around 6:00am and pre-sweep ahead of runners to check trail markings and add ribbons as necessary.

Parking & Bus Loading at Del Valle

  • Helmut Roesner
  • Tom Hamel (XL)
  • Craig Lore (M)
  • Larry England (L)

Bring a flashlight.  Meet parking lot adjacent to Lichen Bark Picnic Area.

After unloading truck, ferry truck to Sunol Regional Park, then return to Del Valle.

Park gate opens at 5:30am.

5:30am - 6:45am

Start Line

6:45am - 8:15am

  • Jim Bahls
  • Stan Jensen (L)
  • Tom Kaisersatt (L)

Volunteers should be on site around 6:30-6:45 to set up.

Main responsibilities will be to check in runners and supervise the early start.  Jim will arrive at 6:30 with Start Line supplies as well as supplies for the Laurel Loop aid station.

You will have numerical checklists for the runners, all you have to do is check them off the list when they arrive.  Bib numbers have been mailed to the runners in advance.  If a runner has lost or forgotten his number, use the magic marker and create a replacement number for the using the same number.  Please don’t issue them a new race number.

You will also send off  the early start runners at 7:00am (according to your watch).  As you check them in. please use the marker to write a large “+1” on their bib number.  Their starting time will be based on your watch.  We will start the official race at 8:00am based off of your watch as well, that way we will guarantee that the early folks started exactly one hour earlier.


Mobile Logistics, in truck w/ Ranger

  • Brian Aiello EMT
  • Larry England

Radio:  Dick Gorringe - WA6STR (L)


Course Sweeps

7:45am - 6:00pm.

  • Jon Bell (L)
  • Sam Burnett (XL)
  • Jake Graham (L)
  • Milo Lewis (XL)
  • Page Siglin (XL)

Be at race start at 7:45am.  If you want you can take the bus the runners take from Del Valle.

As with the runners, we will transport to the finish anything you want to leave at the start.  Bring a bag marked with your name if you would like your sweats transported to the finish.

You will start approximately 15 minutes after the race begins and follow behind, removing course markings and obliterating the flour arrows as you go.  If you happen to see litter left behind by a runner, please pick it up.

The aid stations will remain open until you pass through.  Do not get ahead of the runners, we need to know that there are no more runners behind you when you pass through an aid station.

Laurel Loop Aid Station

Open 8:30am - Close 10:00am

  • Ben Doar (M)
  • Bill Dodson (M)
  • Hollis Lenderking (L)
  • Debra Mayhew (M)
  • Jordan Moore (S)
  • Lynn Moore (M)

Radio: Jesse Gonzaga - KD6NNA (M)

Meet at Start area (Mission Peak) to pick up supplies at 7:00am.  Drive in and be on site at 8:00am.

Ben has a pickup truck, and Lynn will bring her Rav4 to help transport supplies.

After aid station closes, drop supplies in Ryder truck in Sunol Regional Park.

Sunol Aid Station

Open 8:45am - Close 10:45am

  • Dee Bringer (M)
  • Caden Emry (S)
  • Bev Hegstrom (M)
  • Wini Jebian (M)
  • Clancy Statz (M)
  • Jan Stanger (M)
  • Pete Stanger (L)
  • Mike Statz (L)

Radio:  Stan Bringer - WA6IRZ (L), Chris Musselman - W6ATV (XL)

Be on site at 8:00am, this is the main hub for all back country aid station transporation.

Wini w/ vehicle to transport dropping runners to Finish.  Wini to stay until last runner passes Maggie’s Half Acre.

Eric to drive around to Finish after the sweeps pass through.

Supplies to be delivered on Sunday.

Backpack Area Aid Station

 (3.37 mile hike/run from Sunol)

Open 9:30am - Close 12:00pm

  • Carl Andersen (L)
  • Madeline Bakarich (S)
  • Phil Brown (XL)
  • Helen Chan (S)
  • Rick Gaston (M)
  • Floyd Redmon (L)
  • Ann Trason (S)

Radio:  Able Hurtado - K6ABL (XL)

Volunteers hike in at 8:00 (or earlier) from Sunol.

Vehicle transportation is available for the radio operator and his equipment.  Meet at Sunol at 8:00am to ride in with the ranger and the crew for Maggie’s Half Acre.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Goat Rock Aid Station

(5.85 hike/run from Sunol)

Open 10:00am - Close 1:00pm

  • Jasson Ackett (XL)
  • Tom Conrad (XL)
  • Lorri Paulsen (M)
  • Judi Walters (M)
  • Charles Weston (L)

Ken and Tom are camping at the aid station site on Saturday night.   They will deliver their packs to Larry by Thursday, and we will cache them along with the aid station supplies on Saturday.

Others to hike in on race morning - beginning  at 8:00am, early enough to be there by 9:30.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Rose Peak Course Monitors

(10.59 mile hike/run from Sunol)

Open 10:30am - Close 3:00pm

  • Mike Bohi (L)
  • Steve McCluhan (M)
  • Jerry Sappington (XL)
  • Lisa Tracey (S)

Course monitors remain stationed at the top of Rose Peak and ensure that all runners take/receive confirmation bracelet.  The bracelet serves as proof that the runner has summited Rose Peak and not short-cut the course.  Runners arriving at the finish line without a bracelet will not be credited with completing the course and will receive a DNF in the final standings. 

The rubber bracelets and your volunteer shirts  will be packed with the supplies for Maggie’s Half Acre.  You should pick them up there on your way up the peak.  Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

Maggie’s Half Acre Aid Station

(10.59 mile hike/run from Sunol)

Open 10:30am - Close 3:00pm

  • Denise Basso (S)
  • Rick Corella (L)
  • Tom Morse (XL)
  • Mike Myers (XL)
  • Jurek Zarzycki (XL)

Radio: Mike Comer - KI6TZF (L), Tim Kyle - KC6QLV (L)

Tom, Mike and Jurek are camping overnight at Maggie’s.  We will meet at the Sunol ranger station at noon Saturday, to transport their supplies plus Tom and Mike, to the site.

The radio dudes (Timothy and Mike), will ride in from Sunol on Sunday morning with their equipment, departing at 8:00am.

Others will run/hike in to the aid station on Sunday morning, beginning early enough to be on site by 10:00am.

Supplies to be delivered on Saturday.

Schlieper Rock Aid Station

(5.35 mile hike/run from Del Valle)

Open 11:15am - Close 5:00pm

  • Bob Agazzi (L)
  • Sibley Bacon (S)
  • John DeGregory (L)
  • Dan O’Farrell (L)
  • Maria Shannon (M)
  • Mary K Smith (L)
  • Martin Whitcomb (L)

Radio: Dick Gorringe - WA6STR (L)

Volunteers begin hiking in from Del Valle at 8:00am.

Supplies to be cached on Saturday.

Stromer Spring Aid Station

(2.0 mile hike/run from Del Valle)

Open 11:30am - Close 5:30pm

  • Jim Hopp (XL)
  • Susan Kimura (S)
  • Kitty Moore (?)
  • Diane Petersen (L)
  • Dave Scott (L)
  • Mark Taylor (XL)

Radio: Jeff Martin - KI6MFG (M)

Hike or ride in with ranger at 9:30, be on hand at aid station closing to reload ranger vehicle.  Ride or hike out at your option.

Supplies to be delivered on Sunday by Ranger, will depart Del Valle around 9:30.  It is possible to ride up to the location with the ranger.

Ranger will return at 5:30pm to retrieve supplies and volunteers that are not hiking out.

Finish Line

Del Valle

Close 6:00pm

  • Brian Aiello EMT (?)
  • Della Allen (M)
  • Cindy Burnett (XL)
  • Zach Burnett (S)
  • Dot Finigan (S)
  • Kelsie Graham (S)
  • Wendy Graham (L)
  • Doc Stan Hajduk (XL)
  • Beth Hamel (XL)
  • “Chef” Tom Hamel (XL)
  • Lisa Henson (S)
  • Craig Lore (M)
  • John Medinger (XL)
  • Helmut Roesner (L)
  • John Russon (L)
  • Makenna Russon (S)
  • Shelly Russon (M)
  • Ken Skulina (XL)
  • John Vonhof (XL)

Radio: Carl Costa - W6KGO (XL), John Rabold - KS6M (M)

Volunteers be on site by 9:00am.

Craig Lore will be on site early to assist with truck loading.  He’ll also be on hand during the day to act as photographer and/or be available to run errands if necessary.

Tropical John, Lisa, and Ken,  will arrive around noon and stay through the end of post-race pack-up.

Eric will initially be stationed at Sunol until the sweeps pass through, he’ll then drive on around to the finish.

Post Race clean up

  • Larry England
  • Clark Moore (XL)
  • Bill Knight
  • Helmut Roesner
  • Jerry Roninger (L)

Post race clean-up will take place at 9:00am Monday June 1, at Jim Bahl’s house in Pleasanton (6251 Corte Fuego, Pleasanton, CA, 94566).

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